Wellness Centered Development


Cho-tel is a privately held full-service real estate development company that has a passion for placemaking. Working with the most celebrated names in architecture, design, and construction, Cho-tel developments are executed with a keen sense of creativity, quality and craftsmanship. Not only do these developments contain a superior level of refinement, but they also thoughtfully serve sophisticated real estate buyer’s wellness lifestyle needs. Each forward-thinking project elegantly integrates health and wellness research and technology to support an elevated and inspired way of life. Our team of multidisciplinary thinkers deftly manages every facet of the development process— from procurement and transaction structuring, to architecture and design, to construction management. With a commitment to excellence, Cho-tel brings to market one-of-a-kind wellness centered developments that represent a new standard in luxury.



With an ethos informed by efficiency, flow, and functionality, Cho-tel brings to life a new kind of experience in restorative living with exquisite residential and commercial spaces that combine luxury and wellness under one (finely crafted) roof.



Purposefully weaving natural elements into each development we build, we work to nurture a sense of harmony between structure and land that helps to both ground its inhabitants and feed the soul. Our one-of-a-kind, turnkey properties are inspired by sacred spaces from around the world with an emphasis on solemnity, peacefulness, and attention to detail for a wholly experiential design.