Experiential Designs for the Modern Sanctuary


What Makes Cho-tel Different?

Your Living. Your Sanctuary.

As a privately held real estate development company with four decades of family experience in the hospitality sector, Cho-tel brings a unique perspective on the meeting point of commercial and residential design. With this depth of experience, our team has nurtured long-term relationships in the development industry, allowing us to deliver state-of-the-art properties that will last for generations. We not only consider a project’s legacy, we also anticipate and surpass the expected by responding to the evolving lifestyle needs of the most discerning real estate consumers.

In this fast paced environment, where most hours are spent indoors, our belief that all spaces should offer sanctuary is palpable in the ornamentation of each luxury property we craft. Floorplans reflect a restorative focus that summons wellness and refuge with palatial ceilings and opulent suites. With nuanced influences inspired by global references that celebrate architecture and artisanship from around the world, the Cho-tel Collection offers a timeless design aesthetic that celebrates both tradition and modernity.

Welcome Wellness In.


Cho-tel’s Design Approach

Experiential Designs for the Modern Sanctuary

Our process is grounded in an effort to welcome each property owner to a built environment that is developed with purpose and precision. With those tenets in mind, every Cho-tel development begins with our search for the perfect lot. We research and procure the finest sites in the Southeast area and beyond, paying particular attention to surrounding landscapes.

Meticulously considering the reflexiveness between a development and its land, we work to ensure that each structure is unique to the property on which it sits. Once the ideal locale is secured, we begin to develop an experiential design concept that is both complementary to the natural environment and imbued with a sense of wellness, flow, and functionality throughout.

Cho-tel’s turnkey developments offer a wholly experiential design that fosters a connection to the native landscape, promotes flow and functionality, and welcomes wellness home.

Seeking out the very best talent in the industry

Cho-tel works with carefully selected and renowned architects and artisans who’s work can be found in the most sought-after properties in the country. These specialists share in our vision for rigorous standards, refined craftsmanship and wellness centered design. With their dedication, we are able to offer first-class developments infused with sophisticated finishes, thoughtful floor-plans, and evocative design elements.