Replenish and Recharge in Your contemporary Retreat


Elevated Wellness for Inspired Living

Where most hours are spent, find respite. Cho-tel transforms state-of-the-art developments into a retreat where meaning and priorities—health, wellness, and peace of mind—take precedence over programmed routines and digital objectives.

Harmony With Nature

Conceived with an emphasis on biophilic design, Cho-tel spaces are built to cultivate a deepened bond with the native environment. Large windows on every level usher in the sunlight and enhance the circulation of fresh air, while interior lighting packages are tailored to align with circadian rhythm.

Promoting Balance in Body and Mind

With wellness as a central focus in Cho-tel’s vision for development, each development comes equipped with amenities that make it easy to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Fitness studios, pools, and spas turn your space into a sanctuary that promote both a sound mind and body for residents, guests, and teams.


To enhance mental wellness, Cho-tel developments are designed to address safety and privacy concerns. Each Cho-tel space is equipped with State of the art security systems including high resolution cameras and remote monitoring capabilities. Cho-tel estates are further secured with gated entrances for controlled access. Through elegant landscape architecture, and tactile and natural barriers, Cho-tel properties are shielded from the outside world giving its occupants an elevated sense of comfort, and peace of mind.

Breathe Easy

Breathe easy knowing that your residency or building is equipped with an advanced HVAC system with a built-in air purification system and a monitoring system, complete with sensors that track air pollution levels in the environment. Non-VOC paints are used throughout all spaces, and optimized fresh air intake increases ventilation by refreshing any stale indoor air and diluting pollutants.

Water Purification

A water dechlorinator and purification system is incorporated into every Cho-tel space. The sophisticated system tracks the PH and monitors the purity level of drinking and tap water.

Sound Pollution

Natural and non-toxic insulation is used wherever possible to provide soundproofing, and water features are positioned to enhance the soothing nature of the space.

Materials and Technology

An air-barrier below the concrete slab keeps toxins from seeping into the foundation, and reduces exposure to electromagnetic fields; if preferred, a “Power to Ethernet”(POE) option in homes allow residents to turn Wi-Fi off each night.